The Daily Memo | August 28, 2020 | How Resilient Are You?

I fell down the basement steps a couple of days ago. In a rush to get the laundry out of the dryer, in my stocking feet, I turned the corner heading downstairs  –  It was like a sheet of ice when I jogged onto the first step of the polyurethaned hardwood. Both feet shot into the air and my elbow hit the second step as I grabbed for the handrail. Imagine me bouncing on that elbow and my right foot before I got hold of the rail with my left hand 7 steps down. Badly bruised and beaten with 5 fewer layers of skin on my elbow, I came to a screeching halt. I don’t bounce nearly as well as I did when I was 25.

I’m Ok though. Nothing broken.

God created this amazing healing system in the human body. Our physical resilience amazes me. BUT, our emotional and spiritual resilience is being challenged as never before.

We need help interpreting our times. We need help coping with the mental fallout from the lockdowns to the locusts. The shape of our world has gone parabolic. Examining our hearts, we find a different kind of stress these days. One that holds a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Unlike an illness or fall down the steps, we’re unable to see a healing end in sight. I believe the “worst” is yet to come. This Fall we will likely experience a viral resurgence and a contested election. Add a few hurricanes, wildfires, rioting – the stage is set for more chaos in the streets.

That doesn’t mean God is silent on this matter. I believe He’s speaking quite loudly in an effort to garner our attention. Attention to the IMPORTANT details of life. Like lives saved, or lives changed for Christ, or lives changed period. He so wants to develop a deeper intimacy with each of us.

Resilience is what the world needs desperately but a resilience toward Him. A renewed commitment to loving one another.

The solution is hidden in plain sight in something John Eldredge said recently.

“Make a daily practice of strengthening your union with Christ. Make it a priority. Prayer. Worship. Scripture. Sacrament. Everything and anything that strengthens your soul’s actual union with God. Especially loving Jesus.”

Friends, never before have we seen a more dire time that requires a strengthening of our union with Christ. Only you can do that, resilient toward Him.

And that’s the memo.




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