The Daily Memo | November 23, 2021 | Being Your Genuine Self

After seeing the risen Jesus, everyone rejoiced—except Thomas. Recorded as the sole disciple who said, “I will not believe,” he often gets a bad rap, but can you imagine being the only one of your friends who was unsure? Thomas probably felt alone in his doubts—he may have sensed pressure to be excited and could have assumed he was disappointing his fellow disciples. He might even have felt embarrassed when Jesus singled him out to touch His wounds (John 20:19-29).

What we often overlook, however, is Thomas’s willingness to be vulnerable. It’s possible he wasn’t proud of feeling doubtful, but instead of pretending, he presented his true self to his friends and his Savior. And for that, Thomas was ultimately rewarded—Jesus met his insecurity with assurance.

Because Thomas was honest, he was positioned for Jesus to extend grace. The same principle is at work in our relationships—we don’t have to hide the messy or difficult parts of ourselves, because vulnerability invites grace in. And that’s when friendships flourish.

Think about it: Is there someone with whom you can be truly vulnerable? What do you need in order to take that leap?

And that’s the memo.

By Dr. Charles Stanley and InTouch Ministries



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