The Daily Memo | March 24, 2022 | Give God Access

There are heart issues, mindsets, and narratives that have distorted your view of God and the view you have of yourself. These things, if not addressed, will prohibit you from truly progressing and flourishing in the way God intends for you.

God’s heart for you is to be free, to have peace, for your joy to be full, to have healthy and wholesome relationships and for you to live freely in your calling. This is His desire for you.

But to access the fullness of what God has for you. You have to present yourself to God and grant Him permission to expose, work, and heal what is within/broken.

There is a work that the Lord does through the power of His Spirit that enables you to not only be free, but to discover and to follow through with His will for your life.

You are worthy of freedom. It is your spiritual right. God has plans for you. He has placed a call on your life that He is adamant about seeing unveiled. But God will never compromise the work inside of you for what’s outside of you. You are far too precious to Him.

As messy, broken, or complex you may feel you are, God welcomes it. You can’t allow shame or fear to rob you of what belongs to you. God desires you to share the dark places so He can shine His light on those areas.

Through friendship with God, you can step into your greatest years. You just need to give God access and He will complete the work He starts in you.

What areas in your heart do you need to give God access to?

And that’s the memo.

From a YouVersion Bible Plan



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