Special Guest | Former Voice of America & Author J.R. Woodgates

Steve had the privilege of speaking with J.R. Woodgates in the next episode of the Embracing Brokenness Podcast. J.R. is the author of Daily Light on the Prisoner’s Path, and a former Voice of America on-air personality.

J.R. graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He enjoyed a long radio career, internationally for 27 years at the Voice of America, locally in Washington, DC for 13 years at WETA part-time. He was live on-air with VOA when the planes exploded into the Twin Towers, in PA, and the Pentagon on 9/11, and the world experienced the most horrific terror attack ever seen on U.S. soil.
Now, as an advocate for restorative justice, it’s his goal for prisoners everywhere to learn about and experience the relief, restoration, and empowerment they can enjoy as repentant, forgiven, and blessed sons of God.
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