The Daily Memo | April 20, 2022 | In Life’s Storms

When difficulties arise, are you surprised that the Lord would allow them? Such thinking assumes that being an obedient believer exempts us from problems. Consider today’s passage—the disciples did exactly what Jesus said by getting into the boat and setting sail for the other side. Yet before long, they found themselves battered and tossed about by a powerful storm.

Then there are other believers who automatically assume that if trouble comes, they’re the problem. Even though God does use trials to correct us from time to time, not all difficulties result from our sins and failures. But He can use all situations to mature and conform us to Christ’s likeness.

And that’s what was happening in Matthew 14 with the disciples. Jesus knew what lay ahead, and He was training them for the work He was calling them to do. In this case, the lashing winds created an environment that would help them learn key lessons about trust that would be invaluable for future ministry.

God uses a variety of means to help us become strong, vital servants of Jesus Christ. Instead of keeping our heads bent low against the struggles of life, let’s look up to the Lord and seek His strength and purposes.

And that’s the memo.

By InTouch Ministries



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