The Daily Memo | July 13, 2022 | Following God’s Schedule

People enjoy feeling in control of their own schedule, and it can be frustrating when things don’t go according to plan. Yet whoever truly desires to walk in obedience to God must cooperate with His time frame. 

Consider how you pray about situations in your life. Without realizing it, you may be demanding that the Lord follow the schedule you’ve constructed based on your very limited human wisdom. Yet if we believe God is who He says He is, how can surrendering to His way not be to our benefit? 

Unlike us, the Lord has complete knowledge about our world and the details of every individual life—past, present, and future. He understands every motive, whereas we can’t accurately judge even our own intentions. God also acts out of love for His people, and He’s sufficient to meet every need at just the right time.  

Submitting to God’s timetable requires faith and courage. Believe in the goodness of His heart and His plans, and determine to wait until He moves you forward. Then, as you follow His schedule, you will experience the joy of seeing a display of His great glory. 

And that’s the memo.

By In Touch Ministries



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