The Daily Memo | July 7, 2022 | Release It

It’s easy as women to belittle what we possess and what we can do. At times, we can undersell and undermine our contributions. Society’s labels and painful experiences have subconsciously informed us of how far we can go and has placed limits on us. But it ought not to be. God desires to use women like never before in this time.

When God called Moses to lead the children of Israel out of bondage into the promised land, Moses was quick to present all the reasons why he wasn’t qualified for the job although God deemed him as a worthy candidate.

God already knew Moses was a murderer. God knew he had a speech impediment and anger issues. But before God saw Moses’ inadequacies, He knew the sufficiency of His own power and grace.

Just like Moses, that’s what we do sometimes. We present a case before God as to why His choice (us) is invalid. Yet, He knows us—He had a vision of us before we were in our mother’s womb. God is well aware of every flaw and mistake and He already has those areas covered. What seems like a limitation to you is God’s opportunity to reveal the sufficiency of His grace.

Moses was the man for the job. In God’s eyes, he was perfect. His life, up until that point, was divinely set up for his God given assignment. Your life, up until this point, has literally become a stage for you to emerge and to be evidence of the grace and power of God. Refuse to allow your past to have a louder voice over your future. Let God’s truth define you.

It’s time to release every limit, every label and narrative and allow God to give you the grace to take up space.

Today, begin the process of releasing yourself from everything that is limiting you.

What has been weighing you down? What label or lie has stopped you from living freely in your God given identity and calling?

As you write these things down, ask yourself; is it true? Is it God? If it’s not, it’s got to go. Then find truths in the word that will propel you to become the woman God has called you to be.

And that’s the memo.



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