The Daily Memo | December 14, 2022 | Giving in Community

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the cold-hearted miser who hoarded wealth and refused to share with people in need. He’s an extreme case, but let’s be honest—aren’t we all tempted to be a little like him at times?

Feeling overextended, tired, or worried about our circumstances, we want to keep our time and resources for ourselves—even though we know we’re called to give generously (Matt. 5:42; 2 Cor. 9:6). Despite realizing that all we have is from God and that believers are to give because He gave first, we find generosity to be a struggle.

It’s important to remember no individual can answer every need—and it’s rarely possible for one person to fully address even a single need. But the community of faith can help. By each of us doing our part in answering God’s call for generosity, we become more effective at bearing one another’s burdens.

When we realize those needs aren’t ours to handle alone, we’ll more likely feel liberated to give what we can—openly, sacrificially, and without shame or resentment.

Think about it. What can you share with others? What could you offer that might not have a financial cost?

And that’s the memo.

By In Touch Ministries



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