The Daily Memo | December 13, 2022 | Breaking the Stronghold

The Ephesians passage warns about spiritual strongholds created in our lives when we let “the sun go down” on something. Note that in this case that something isn’t necessarily sin. Paul says, “in your anger do not sin,” so anger does not equal sin. Anger can be a very appropriate reaction to life’s injustices. Nonetheless, failure to deal with that anger (letting the sun go down on it) clearly gives our enemy an opportunity to create footholds or places of bondage in our lives. (By the way, this is a letter written to Christians; it is therefore quite clear that Christians can have demonic strongholds in their lives.) If you let the sun go down on these unresolved issues in your life—the emotional issues, wounds, pain, and the sin that goes with them—you are going to create a mess for yourself down the road. And so a genuine pursuit of holiness requires going back into those places to deal with them now.

And that’s the memo.

By John Eldredge from Free to Live



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