The Daily Memo | April 20, 2023 | Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in the Northeast. We have another on tap today. 82, no humidity, bright sunshine, birds chirping, and our back patio set up for a little R n’ R.

I love this time of year.

The newness of life all around us. The only downside is cutting the grass. But, with my favorite podcast and Spotify playlist cued up, I pulled through just fine.

We recently celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus. The most significant event in the history of the world. The Bible Project did a wonderful job of bringing the week ahead to us in a daily video and reading on the YouVersion app. It was a great reminder of what Jesus did for us and why God required His ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world.

We get to spend eternity in paradise. I suspect it’ll make the scene in my backyard look like the apocalypse in comparison.

I hope you’re enjoying God’s creation as much as I am this week. For some of you in other parts of the world, it’s gloomy and dark. Remember, the Light of the World is coming soon, and we’ll be in Son shine for eternity.

And that’s the Memo.




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