The Daily Memo | August 29, 2023 | Spiritual Gifts

If someone asked what your gifts are, what would you say? We may struggle with such questions because we either aren’t sure or don’t want to seem conceited. And sometimes it’s hard to know if something is a gift or a talent. How can we tell the difference?

Generally speaking, a talent is something that you’re naturally good at—such as sports or art or science—and can excel at through training, practice, and experience. It can be a combination of innate ability and skill. A gift, biblically speaking, is something the Lord has deliberately given you, based on His purpose for your life.

If you’re a believer, then He’s given you a gift. It might be teaching, preaching, exhortation, giving, or hospitality. It might be something else. Believers have different gifts, and that’s the beauty of the body of Christ: Our differences can work together in unity just as the parts of a human body with different functions all work together (Romans 12:4-8).

Also, consider that it’s possible for our gifts and talents to work together. In fact, that’s exactly what God wants for us—to lead whole, integrated lives and to be completely ourselves wherever we go.

What do you think your spiritual gifts are? How might God be calling you to use them in a fuller way?

And that’s the memo,

By InTouch Ministries



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