The Daily Memo | November 9, 2023 | Hoping for Guidance and Renewal

Many of us hope to become better people as we journey through life, but we often get stuck and wonder if we’re getting anywhere. We might want to be better at showing patience to others, but we also get exhausted from day-to-day work, and then irritable, and then impatient. We forget Jesus’ ways and often feel like we’re caught in a trap. And yet, the Holy Spirit is actively inviting us to be more like Jesus every moment. Our hope is to learn how to hear the Spirit’s voice.

When a friend vulnerably cries in front of us and we feel deep compassion, that’s the Holy Spirit reminding us to have compassion like Jesus. We can embrace that compassion or ignore it.

When we sense a desire to offer kindness to someone we disagree with, the Holy Spirit is reminding us to love our neighbor, just like Jesus does. When we open our homes to help someone get back on their feet, the Holy Spirit is cultivating a posture of generosity in us, like Jesus. All of the Spirit’s work points us toward Jesus-like ways of living.

When we forget or fail to love others well, the Holy Spirit sparks new interest in Jesus, reminding us to return to his way of life. In this way, we’re never alone—the Spirit is always speaking, always drawing us toward Jesus’ own life. Knowing this, we can experience deep hope. Through his Spirit, Jesus is always with us, always guiding, always molding us into people who live like he does.

And that’s the memo.

By The Bible Project



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