119. Finding Hope in the Midst of Depression | Professor Terry Powell

by Terry Powell & Steve Adams

In this conversation, Steve interviews Dr. Terry Powell about the topics of brokenness and depression. They discuss the definition of brokenness, the importance of embracing brokenness, and the misconceptions Christians have about depression.

Terry shares his personal experiences with depression and the strategies he has found helpful, including relying on God’s Word, seeking support from the body of Christ, and engaging in honest prayer and lament. He also discusses the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of recognizing the unseen battles we face, emphasizing the need to use spiritual weapons and faith to combat negative thinking and false beliefs.

Powell also shares his hope in God’s ability to use pain and brokenness for His glory, citing examples of how his own struggles with depression have led to opportunities for ministry and encouragement. He encourages transparency and open conversation about mental health, providing resources for those seeking help and support.

Join us on this episode of The Embracing Brokenness Podcast.

Resources on Depression PDF Download: https://embracingbrokenness.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Faith-Based-Resources-on-Depression-Professor-Terry-Powell.pdf

Get Terry’s Latest Book: Can You See the Cross From There – on Amazon: https://a.co/d/07eX7Scd

For more information and resources visit Terry’s site: https://www.penetratingthedarkness.com/

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