The Daily Memo | August 25, 2020 | Coming Soon: The Next Jesus Movement

The Jesus movement was an evangelical Christian movement beginning on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s and spreading primarily throughout North America, Europe, and Central America. Members of the movement were called Jesus people or Jesus freaks. Some of the fastest-growing US denominations of the late 20th century, such as Calvary Chapel, Hope Chapel Churches, and the Vineyard Churches, trace their roots directly back to the Jesus movement, as do parachurch organizations like Jews for Jesus and the contemporary Christian music industry.

What fascinates me most is how this seemingly hippie driven movement helped establish one of the great revivals in modern American history. I attended Calvary Chapel in Philly for a couple of decades and still do online. I experienced the best Bible teaching of my life in that setting. Fundamental to our faith is a deep understanding of Gods Word and its application to our everyday life.

That spiritual awakening in the late ’60s came during a time of great division and angst in our society largely driven by the Vietnam War and a restlessness among the younger population searching for their version of freedom. Unfortunately, it was highlighted by drugs and free sex along with other behaviors that led to chaotic times. Not unlike what we’re experiencing today, the unrest was palpable and disturbing on so many levels.

Then along came Jesus.

Those same hippies were being baptized in the Pacific Ocean and began living a life changed by Christ. It was phenomenal. Although I was very young at the time and unable to truly appreciate what was happening I do remember the highlights.

Here’s my thesis.

We are ripe for another Jesus Movement. Not through long-haired, beaded, drug-addicted hippies listening to Rock ‘n Roll music and living in communes – but through a younger generation needing strong leadership and guidance around issues that our enemy is bombarding them with. Gender confusion, a different drug that kills on contact, sex trafficking, civil unrest, and a worldwide pandemic. The perfect storm to drive most anyone to their knees.

But wait……. The answer to the world’s problems is still the same…… Jesus.

We, as committed believers in The Way, must step up and be the feet of Jesus. We must boldly speak the gospel of truth to a hurting world however God chooses for us to deliver that message.

Friends, join me in this next Jesus Movement that MUST bring revival to a desperate nation. Be part of the great ingathering ordained for this generation.

And that’s the memo,




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